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You have discovered the site where you can buy the finest, most accurate, world-class precision 6mm (.243"), and 6.5mm (.264")  custom bench rest, long range & varmint bullets on the market! I build bullets only. This is not loaded ammunition! Please note that I directly ship my products ONLY to USA addresses. If you do not have a USA mailing address, please contact me for export information. Call me at 702-331-1337 (I'm in Pacific Standard Time Zone) or use my Contact page to email me. If you have problems using that just email me at with your regular email.  These are the bullets you want when 0.001" makes the difference between winning or losing the competition! I carefully HAND MAKE each bullet one at a time in my shop at 360 E. Paradise Hills Dr., Henderson, NV, 89002 USA. Please NOTE: I get 20+ scam calls a day and have my phone going through an answering machine which picks up after two rings. I'm always happy to talk with my customers and if you want to talk leave a message and I'll return you call. I know the inside and outside of every bullet robotics nor conveyor belts here! My bullets go through a thorough quality control process. My bullets are:


  • Hand-inspected
  • Passed through Detsch carbide dies  
  • Ultrasonically cleaned  
  • Measured with Mitutoyo digital micrometer accurate to 0.00005"
  • Measured with Brown/Sharpe digital caliper accurate to 0.0005"
  • Weighed with electronic scales to 0.01gr


My attention to detail is a big reason behind the extreme quality of my world-class bullets. Of course, using Detsch carbide dies that are dead nuts perfect doesn't hurt either! Most custom bullet makers only make two or three bullet designs, while I offer you over 67 designs in 6mm for practically any barrel twist rate made! From 62gr through 100gr I can put either a single radius 15 tangent ogive, a single radius 8 tangent ogive, or a dual radius 6 tangent with just a small amount of secant 9 at the tip. It's hard to see with your eyes but I have a picture above showing the two profiles. I'v also posted a picture of a 62grBT with a 15 tangent ogive. The higher the ogive number the more sleek and slender the bullet. My 6 sizes of low drag bullets I make are 90gr, 95gr, 100gr, 103gr, 105gr, 108gr, and they use a tangent 15 ogive that is then closed tightly with a John Hoover tipping die built specifically for my bullets. I am offering my 6.5mm bullets in 5 sizes: 123gr, 130gr, 136gr, 139gr and 142gr. They have a 15 tangent ogive which is closed with a Hoover tipping die,  specifically built for my bullets. The boat tail is 0.200" by 10 degrees. I can use a flat base if requested. I am the ONLY custom bullet maker that offers 95 plus bullet designs, and tips up my low drag bullets for you! These things are what sets Precision Ballistics LLC apart from all the rest!  The variation for all bullets within a box does not exceed + .10gr or less for 74gr or lighter bullets, + .20gr or less for 80gr through 108gr bullets. Usually there is only + .10gr variation in a box of any of my bullets. My cores, which are prepared in advance in multiple thousands for each size bullet, are all squirted to a  hundredth of a grain, based on the average weights of the jackets I have at the time. Having my cores formed ahead is the ONLY way I can provide a reasonable turn around time when you order. I make sure that I use the proper size punch to seat the bullets so there is no "bleed by" of lead up the inside of the jacket. The tolerance I use is less than 1/16 of a thousandth of an inch (0.00005")! Most bullet makers work with 1-3 diameter sizes of seating punches and a tolerance of 0.001-002". Because there is always variation in the internal diameter of jackets, I use 18 different diameter seating punches, in 0.00005" increments, to assure a proper fit! That improves the center of gravity and makes a cleaner spiral flight which helps prevent "fliers". My other punches are for adding flat bases, short boat tail bases, long boat tail bases and squirting cores.



Assorted flat base and boat tail bullets.

Single radius 8 or dual radius 6/9 ogives.

My VLD (very low drag) bullets.


My bullets are Proudly hand-made by ME in America!

 SD  G1 BC
 G7 Form Factor
 G7 BC
 103gr VLD
 .247  .456  1.067  .233
 105gr VLD
 .252  .459  1.058  .240
 108gr VLD
 .259  .493  1.037  .252
 113gr VLD
 .271  .496  1.096  .254
 115gr VLD
 .276  .499  1.070  .256

I like to shoot my 6mmBR at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. I've joined the Desert Sportsman's Club and the Boulder City range near my new place, and will be shooting at these two ranges to test my bullets. At 100 yards I shoot at a sheet of printer paper with 20 yellow 5/8" targets per page, which I make on my computer (example of one such target above). In case you're wondering why I didn't hit the center of the target in the picture, I adjust my windage and elevation just a little off of the 1/8" black center dot to allow me to maintain my point of aim (POA). In this case I want my point of aim and point of impact to be just a little bit different. Once you shoot away your POA it is harder to have a precise POI. Here is one where I put five bullets through the same hole,  which measured 0.292" at the widest. Subtract 0.243" for the diameter of the bullets shot, and you get a 0.049" group. You may well be able to beat this one. Try my bullets and see what you can do with them!

Note the even, smooth tips.


My VLDs come to you already tipped up on a John Hoover die!


Webmaster: Don Lahr


Coming soon:

108gr 6.5mm (.264")

123gr 6.5mm (.264")

130gr 6.5mm (.264")

139gr 6.5mm (.264")

Another aspect that particularly effects all of my bullets is that when you inspect most other bullets with a similar profile, the tip has a jagged tooth appearance. Not mine! Dave has the incredible good sense to actually place the center line of his dies in the CENTER of them, which allows the copper to draw up evenly, leaving a square tip. That means the thickness of the copper jacket is consistent and the bullet is concentric. On my low drag bullets I put them through an extra die to close the meplat extremely close together, which no other bullet maker does for you, so my bullets are ready to shoot right after you sort them. Hunters often ask me to make the meplats .30"-.35" to open up better in game. I'm happy to make the tips any way you want them! Closing the tips does not effect accuracy, only the BC. When you do your own measurements, and find how consistent my bullets actually are, you may even stop sorting!

Same three bullets in above shots showing 10 tangent, 6 tangent/9 secant, and 8 tangent ogives, as well as 0.175"x10 degree and 0.062"x14 degree and flat bases. These are 105grTVLD 10 ogive, 85grBT 6/9 ogive, and 85grFB 8 ogive. Meplats are 0.005", 0.040" and 0.040".


Webmaster: Don Lahr Copyrighted ©


Just in case anyone wonders if putting my low drag bullets through my Tipping Die to close up the meplats, throws off their concentricity, it doesn't! Dave Detsch sent me his father's bullet spinner to check them so I checked my low drag bullets before and after I tipped them. Both were dead nuts perfect! The needle never moved! I couldn't resist, so I checked bullets made in all of Dave's dies. The needle didn't move on ANY of them! ALL come out dead nuts perfect! PERIOD!


Here is my 62grBT with a 15 tangent ogive and a 0.020" meplat. You can compare this 15 tangent with the pictures of my 8 tangent and 6 tangent/9 secant. I can build this bullet with a flat base as well. I can custom make the meplat to your liking between 0.060" to 0.005". I am able to do this with any bullet I can make in 6mm, but currently just have jackets to build this in 62gr, 64gr, 65gr, 66gr, 68gr, 70gr, 74gr and 80gr.


Pictured above are my 62grBT with a tangent 15 ogive, next to my 68grFB with a tangent 15 ogive. Both have been tipped up in my Hoover tipping die.


Here is one of my 80grFB tangent 8 ogive bullets with a 0.064" meplat, next to one of my 80grFB tangent 15 ogive bullets with a 0.02" meplat.

Same three bullets in above pictures showing 15 tangent, 6 tangent/9 secant, and 8 tangent ogives, as well as 0.175"x10 degree and 0.062"x14 degree and flat bases. These are 105gr 15 ogive, 85gr 6/9 ogive, and 85grFB 8 ogive. Meplats are 0.005", 0.040" and 0.040".

My low drag 6mm and 6.5mm bullets come to you already tipped up on my John Hoover dies!

I am still waiting on my order, placed in August, 2017) for my 1.150” and 1.290" 6mm and 1.325” 6.5mm J4s.  I got an update today (1/4/19) informing me they plan on running my 1.150" mid-January, and my 1.290" and 1.325" mid to late February. Then there is shipping time and my 10,000 back-ordered bullets from 2018 for me to build. Assuming the new J4s will weigh differently than they did in 2017 (that's a given) I'll also have to get all new cores made to work with the J4s. Looks like I'll be busy this coming spring but if you care to get on my back-order list I wouldn't wait!

I DO have other bullets already built, packaged and ready to ship,  They include:

500 – 65grFB qty 2 (1000)

100 - 125grVLD qty 2 (200)

In addition to the above list already built, I can build 64s, 68s, 70s, 74s, 80s, 85s, 88s, 90s and 95s in 6mm and I can build 123s in 6.5mm. I can build flat bases, short boat tails or long boat tails. I can use tangent 6/secant 9, tangent 8 or tangent 15 ogives. I can close the tips almost tight, leave wide open, or build them anywhere in-between to your specs. Even though I don't have all sizes of J4s I need for the longer bullets, if you wish to get on my build list it would be good to do so. As always, please don't send money until I tell you it's time.


Here's old Bughole in front of my bullet display in Wright City, MO at the NBRSA Nationals and the WBC-13, September, 2015.


Here are two of my friends and customers, Werner Zawadzki and Egan O' Brien, who shoot my bullets. They were among other of my customers, such as Roger Gower and others, at the 2018 Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard World Open match.

Werner Zawadzki and Egan O'Brien shooting my bullets again at the 2018  Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard World Open match.

Egan O'Brien using my bullets and shooting very well with them at the 2018 Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard World Open


Werner and Egan.

Werner's Score

Egan's and Roger's scores.

Please note: 1/14/19. After waiting for 17 months for my J4 jacket order from BERGER BULLETS, they emailed me today that they refuse to sell me the 1.290" jackets from my order, therefore I am now no longer able to build my 113gr, 115gr, 117gr, 120gr or 125gr bullets. I am also unable to build any 6.5mm bullet under 123gr. I am sorry.